For TI Torture Resolution

This page details targeted individual (TI) torture operations known as the “silent holocaust,” “slow-kill” or “the program” — like MK-Ultra and Cointelpro on steroids — including around-the-clock directed energy torture, through-wall/floor/ceiling surveillance, frequency assaults, subliminal messaging mistaken for tinnitus, noise campaigns, treasonous aerial poisoning, communications constriction, systematic sleep deprivation and malevolent AI, effectively turning TIs’ homes into concentration camps with lab-tested gassing, debilitating frequencies and sexual abuse for rapists, sadists, neurological data theft, illegal medical tests, weapons development and neutralizing adversaries of covert criminals as former naval officer David Voigts explains. A hallmark of TI torture: radiation or electrocution by wireless body area network (WBAN) or directed energy weapons (DEW).

Carl Clark revealed the covert DEW torture in April 2010 Raum & Zeit. Books introducing targeted individual torture include Cathy O’Brien’s Trance: Formation of America, Will Filer’s NSA Mind Control and Psyops and Dr. John Hall’s A New Breed. From Ph.D. Lynn Surgalla’s: “Any person’s claim of being assaulted with some form of directed energy weapon is to be taken very seriously…. I assure you that similar cases of assault-torture-murder with these weapons are being addressed all over the world. Please give this matter your closest attention.” CBS 60 Minutes reported on high-powered microwave weapons June 26, 2022: “they go through glass, they go through brick, they go through practically everything.” Targeted individuals (TIs) are being slowly electrocuted to death in their own homes, including on US soil.

Investors who prefer we not address TI torture act sociopathically. Incidentally for our investors, understanding this covert catastrophe enables extraordinary profits. Humane objectives entail eradicating it.

Decent citizens and DOD personnel are encouraged to read through “TI Torture in Geopolitical Context” below to grasp tyrannical and treasonous pursuits in progress. (US personnel may be guilty of 18 USC § 4 and § 2382 if not reporting knowledge of any felony and treason, respectively.)

On current events: ultimately TI torture sponsors have pursued a worldwide tyranny. As old plans unfold, there is reportedly 0% probability that Hamas’ 2023 offensive surprised Israeli leadership. Its title (“Al Aqsa flood”) = 666 in fibonacci cipher ( a calling card for masonic orchestration. Masonic illuminuts have played out Albert Pike’s plan for 3 world wars (detailed below) and a “social cataclysm” (e.g., disclosure of deadly “medicine”: genocide by all nations’ governments) toward replacing national governments with tyranny. Israel and its neighbors have been planned to destroy each other in WWIII, allegedly advanced by the CIA with an Israeli ambulance in Virginia for more propaganda (by the Cinematographers, Idiots and Aryans; cf. a CIA whistleblower in “introduction to targeted individual slander” below: “The week after I refused (a false flag assignment to instigate war with Iran), I was kidnapped in Virginia, tortured in an underground CACI facility next to CIA headquarters and injected with CIA designer drugs”). The CIA and NSA, in their dying days, will be known as treasonous organizations for liars, cheaters, thieves, rapists, murderers, torturers and genocidal billionaires’ puppets. (As the CIA’s George White wrote to Sid Gotlieb upon his retirement: “Where else could a red-blooded American lie, kill cheat, and rape with the sanction of the all-highest?”)

With legal “truth serum” in the form of subliminal interrogation (detailed below) and remote neural monitoring, covert crimes will be laid bare worldwide and the criminal 3-letter agencies will be replaced. Covert sector participants expecting otherwise must be functionally retarded.

Targeted individuals not enamored of NSA’s religious script (as in “NSA Mind Control and Psyops” and “A Most Dangerous Game” below) are encouraged to complete our TI Questionnaire and might find useful information in below items numbered 2, 5, 12, 13, 18 and Part 3. NSA personnel managing a “turn to Jesus” (played by the NSA in dreams, voices or signs) script should understand they are complicit in capital offenses with 4th Amendment rights violation and aggravated sexual abuse as TIs are debilitated by directed energy assault beside NSA personnel’s oath-violating oversight of sleep deprivation, subliminal messaging, aerial and injected poisoning, “slow-kill” BCI and murder operations; nearly everyone in NSA targeting operations may end up prosecuted for execution.

As always, Infinity B Corporation and its personnel advocate only meticulously legal action in cleaning up the neo-Nazi mess that is the NSA, CIA, DIA, DARPA, INSCOM, ONI, USAF, USNORTHCOM and “special access programs” torturing citizens to death with complicity of thousands of personnel in these organizations and their contractors and counterparts worldwide. Blackmailed politicians and others who endeavor to protect any of these neo-Nazis subject themselves to prosecution for capital punishment under federal law (starting with 18 USC § 241–242, which can’t be superseded by any executive order or legislation to the contrary since Marbury v Madison).

Please note that all material on this webpage is Copyright © 2000–2023 Noam Grunes with all rights reserved, beside the fair use excerpts of others’ items. Files can be downloaded for safekeeping or completion of our TI Questionnaire and not for sale, resale or other distribution (until Noam’s permanent incapacitation, when all material on this webpage can be shared without limitation). You can adjust playback speed via 3 dots in the corner of most videos below. Onto delineation of the Silent Holocaust in progress:


June 5, 2023 letter to covert agencies and US Air Force reviewing some of their heinous crimes and legally required actions:

Part 1: Evidence of Covert Torture In Our Residences

1. Video: demonstration of directed energy weapon (DEW) assault in the US (~1 minute before 5 minutes with background from former operative Carl Clark and CBS’ 60 Minutes — “they go through glass, they go through brick, they go through practically everything”) (Reddit link: (Twitter link:

Emblematic of TI (targeted individual) censorship, the following video, less than 5 minutes, was silenced on a DARPA-connected social media platform in “72 territories” because “it may contain music owned by someone else”: “it may contain 6 minutes and 37 seconds of audio they own” wrote the pinnochio-like censor. The social media platform’s homepage was subsequently modified to show over 20 “suggested for you” ads before social posts and slowed to a crawl, while group content was rearranged from chronological to highlight another TI’s years-old reports of sexual abuse by directed energy assault the reader was experiencing. How its covert sector employees expect to escape prosecution for execution is among life’s mysteries.

Censored in 50 (originally 72) territories because the 2 minutes and 57 seconds clip, sped up 1.5x, “may contain 6 minutes and 37 seconds of” “music owned by someone else” in a video report substantially devoid of music let alone a mathematical impossibility. This may be designated jumping the shark in targeted individual censorship:

2. Video: introduction to targeted individual libel and slander (18 minutes) (“it takes 1 person to have a real disease; it takes 2 people to have a mental illness”; psychiatric misdiagnosis is the CIA’s reportedly favorite method to discredit or dispose of covertly tortured targeted individuals; in the US, detainment for indefensible psychiatric evaluation is unconstitutional and punishable under 18 USC § 241 and § 242):

The same video with Spanish subtitles, then the Spanish transcript roughly — El mismo vídeo con subtítulos en español, luego la transcripción en español aproximadamente (“Sólo hace falta una persona para tener una enfermedad real. Se necesitan dos personas para tener una enfermedad mental…. En este sentido, el diagnóstico de una enfermedad mental es siempre un arma”; se informa que el diagnóstico erróneo psiquiátrico es el método favorito de la CIA para deshacerse de personas torturadas encubiertamente; en los U.S., la detención por una evaluación psiquiátrica indefendible es inconstitucional y punible según 18 USC § 241 y § 242):

3. Video: introduction to aerial assault of targeted individuals. This includes spray of the US populace with chromium (an EPA-designated carcinogen) and neurotoxic barium facilitating unilateral electromagnetic assault, beyond clotting filaments, neural “dust” and other nanotechnology. It is alleged treason by the CIA, NSA, US Air and Space Forces, Navy, Coast Guard, USNORTHCOM, NORAD, Pentagon and civilian oversight, a la tyrants who “would burn a country to the ground to rule over its ashes.”

In the video, Kristen Meghan describes toxic spray in 15 minutes. Then in 3 minutes, a doctor for pilots who sprayed it (from Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado) discloses its capabilities. Intelligent filaments he describes match what certain targeted individuals — T.I. — have reported, evading detoxification by moving among body parts. With Richard Carnicom, Dr. Ana Mihalcea has reported on self-assembling filaments in blood temporarily cleansed by EDTA chelation. Without specific devitalizing frequencies, customary PEMF may be counterproductive to cleanse the filaments shown to grow in the presence of an electrical current.

Mike Chapala just might have found a way to tackle these with stronger pulses. Soon before his death, Mike told Noam Grunes that CIA operatives threatened his life for treating patients harmed by US spray. That is alleged treason, apparently reflecting the will of everyone, with material situational awareness, working for CIA, NSA, DIA, Military Intelligence Corps, Office of Naval Intelligence, Pentagon etc. This video set ends with Mike’s #1 solution for sprayed individuals as he shared it, with 1-hour indicated use though it is no longer available. Mike’s innovation can be trialed rapidly with darkfield microscopy for efficacy assessment (from minute 17):

Mike’s drum is highlighted among urgent suggestions to NSA’s Research Directorate in the above “preface” PDF, which you can download for reference and safekeeping. Unfortunately, apparently the NSA, overseeing electronically raping, poisoning and incessantly sleep-depriving targeted individual civilians in our homes, has not a single honorable employee. It’s as if everyone working for the NSA or CIA was screened to be treasonous.

Supplementing the video, a one-page excerpt on lab-tested poisoning and the contrails con from “A Few Resources for TIs” below:

4. Video: a fraudulent watchlist eases targeted individual in-home surveillance, rape and torture with 4th Amendment violation as a capital offense (18 USC § 241 with or without § 242) (2 minutes, 22 seconds). A legitimate terrorist watchlist may include past and present employees and contractors of the treasonous CIA, DARPA, DHS, DIA, DTRA, Military Intelligence (sic) Corps, ONI, USAF, US Space Force and their leading contractors. Cf. item 22 for background (events leading up to the Targeted Justice litigation).

5. Substantiation of, and introduction to, targeted individual (TI) torture:

5(a). Excerpt: “not crazy after all”; “they are being tortured”:

5(b). Former naval officer: “it’s a covert, directed energy torture program”:

5(c). “People are experiencing electro-shocks… extreme pain… usually people who either have had above top secret clearance or (are) very intelligent individuals”; “the torture is so severe.” “They’re not schizophrenic, they don’t have psychiatric history, again very high functioning individuals”; “I believe that (people are targeted broadly) because we’re the ‘useless eaters’… but some people are really being tortured and that’s the difference in regards to those being a targeted individual” (

5(d). Video you might like to view at 0.75x speed (27 minutes) by clicking on the 3 dots or settings:

5(e). Experts confirm directed energy weapons (DEW) targeting civilians: explained by former CIA operative Carl Clark and CBS’ 60 Minutes (June 26, 2022: “they go through glass, they go through brick, they go through practically everything”), biophysics Ph.D. Lynn Surgalla testified on DEW: “Any person’s claim of being assaulted with some form of directed energy weapon is to be taken very seriously…. I assure you that similar cases of assault-torture-murder with these weapons are being addressed all over the world. Please give this matter your closest attention” (1 page + attachments):

6. Microwave assaults on US soil (5-page summary):

7. Annotated excerpts on CIA’s torture programs (2 pages). Nota bene: “Humiliation sexually and intellectually is part of the US CIA’s techniques of breaking down the target.” Many TIs are electronically raped alongside directed energy and frequency assaults; “torturing me, they bragged, ‘I don’t think you realize that you don’t have a choice.’” “I got to see what they have been working on with enormous ramifications to all social order, a new world order of electronically controlled humans without their knowledge or consent.” That is conspiracy against liberty, a capital offense with aggravated sexual abuse (18 USC § 241–242). (Those who obfuscate or conceal covert criminality may be executed with due process. Mass subliminal interrogation with neural monitoring will lay this bare, as all non-lobotomized covert operatives should know. The CIA is near extermination.)

8. Annotated excerpts on NSA’s torture programs (2 pages). Nota bene: NSA’s intent to cause incessant “REM sleep deprivation” in our homes, “depression, apathy, and ultimately social and financial failure” while NSA oversees 24/7 physical torture with electronic rape, nauseating frequencies and directed energy weapons. After isolating TIs exhausted and in pain, the “Nazi Subliminal Assailants” pretend to be Jesus or God in dreams, voice or signs. “Soon, the subject has complete loyalty to Jesus (AKA: NSA) and will do anything on command from Jesus (NSA)”: “If the subject resists the NSA’s instructions, additional punishments are inflicted on the subject” while backstabbing agents “hurt the subject more.” In the next section, “A Most Dangerous Game” indicates how NSA’s religious psyops facilitate tyranny and treason. This is not surveillance; as will be widely understood, the NSA is among the most heinous entities that could possibly exist, in the life destruction business, and its personnel face prosecution for execution en masse.

9–11. [Reserved.]

12. NSA Mind Control and Psyops detailed by Filer (17 pages):

13. V2k torture since ~1952 Project Moonstruck from pseudonymous Electric Angel’s trilogy, with suggested remedies (8 pages; vignettes you may appreciate thereafter:

Part 2: Capital Offenses

14. Substantiating Myron May (12 pages):

15. Video (4 minutes): “voices in the head” is old technology. “This idea of putting sound anywhere you want to is really starting to catch on.” It has been demonstrated to CIA-targeted individuals since ~1952 Project Moonstruck. Any psychiatrist or psychologist diagnosing “paranoid schizophrenia” — describing symptoms that precisely reflect targeted individual torture — may be deemed criminal or negligent:

16. V2k illegality including 4th Amendment violation with suicide scripts, a capital offense (1 page):

17. Annotated excerpts on Cathy O’Brien’s eye implant and senator’s rape (18 USC § 241–242):

18. “A Most Dangerous Game” — rape, trafficking and treason (13 pages); nota bene: “‘The ‘masterminds’ behind the New World Order,’ O says, ‘wanted to project the illusion that their mind control operatives were ‘demon possessed’ and that the atrocities people were witnessing were ‘biblical in proportion’ in order that they would feel helpless to oppose them”: Treasonous rapists push propaganda that it’s a “spiritual battle” when it’s a battle of tyrants, neuroscience and electromagnetic spectrum control.

19. FBI veteran Ted Gunderson’s affidavit: “thousands of victims have been targeted by an illegal government rogue criminal enterprise that is active 24 hours a day within the U.S.” “They have the technology, financing and manpower to dispense illegal surveillance and harassment against anyone at any time, day or night. I have files on numerous cases of active, programmatic, illegal government harassment currently being conducted against thousands of Americans. This makes the F.B.I.’s former COINTELPRO program, which I worked on, including in a supervisory capacity, look like a Sunday school program by comparison” (7 pages):

20. Q-clearanced Paul Batcho: “civilians are being targeted”; “harmed by the deliberate transmissions of an established technology” funded by DARPA. “The verified measurement and existence of these RF band transmissions constitutes a terrorist act” (1 page):

21. Heinous alleged crimes by DARPA, its institutional collaborators and overseers (1 page):

22. Background on treason and Targeted Justice’s lawsuit filed January 11, 2023 (4 pages):

23. Congressional overseers and NSA personnel can be prosecuted now with file: forthcoming. Targeted individuals are partly assaulted by the proliferation of physiologically debilitating “5G” millimeter waves, weaponized infrastructure that appears to be rank treason with “suppression of all functions of the organism” corroborated by human observations (excerpts of 5 declassified pages):

Part 3: Resources for TIs and Authorities

24. Psychiatric slander and libel, bedrock of covert torture operations (1 page):

25. Nearly a decade after DHS’ founding under false pretense (items 22 and 40), “bipartisan investigation by the (US Senate) Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations has found… that DHS’s work with those state and local fusion centers has not produced useful intelligence to support Federal counterterrorism efforts.” DHS has enabled targeted individual torture while stalking and slandering whistleblowers (2 minutes):

26. Letter for involuntarily detained or “sectioned” TIs (2 pages):

27. Introduction to microwave shielding (10 minutes) (excerpts are at 2x speed from and (scalar directed energy weapons (DEW) may penetrate most material, though a grounded faraday cage with material shown in the following video, along with mylar wrapped around you inside it, might shield the attacks somewhat) (you can adjust the speed by clicking 3 dots in the bottom right corner):

28. PACTS shielding suggestions (139 pages).

29. [Reserved.]

30. “A few resources for TIs” including:
– Indications of treason by the US Air Force;
– Guidance for covert agencies; and
– Guidance for governments.

Part 4: For Educators, Journalists and Policymakers TI Torture

Educators, journalists and policymakers are encouraged to carefully read and teach the above items in parts 1–3, then the following items in parts 4–5 on the “silent holocaust” of targeted individuals (TI) consistent with long-term orchestrations toward worldwide tyranny, further detailed below:

31. US media and TIs (2 pages):

32. Video: surveillance (1 minute). Surveillance is one thing, torture is another. Nonetheless, “when people see the extent of the surveillance I think they’re going to be shocked.”

33. Video: democide (2 minutes). “RJ Rummel’s research shows that you’re 6 times more likely to be killed by your own government than any private criminals or even wars with other nations combined…. [by] men who had abandoned what makes them human: the ability to think, act and choose for oneself.”

34. TI torture references as of early 2021 (9 pages):

35. Early 2021 syllabus on TI torture (3 pages):

36. Early 2021 commentary on TI torture (7 minutes):

37. Not one honorable person in the covert sector (7 minutes):

38. CBS showed non-touch neural monitoring also known as RNM (remote neural monitoring) (1 page):

39. Over 1,000 targeted individual testimonies follow in 2,151 pages. After studying the balance of material on this webpage, legislatures and law enforcement personnel, along with secondary and university classes, might like to study TI testimonies along the following lines: first, understand the reported assaults are real. While “demonic” attributions are nonsense borne of psyops, every component of the torture is substantiated (and generally patented). Once that is grasped, legislative committees, police departments and classes with 30 participants, for example, might assign each distinct 150 pages of testimonies to 2 of its participants to read alone, with everyone then reporting to the group their responses to questions such as: (1) What were identifiable motives for TI torture? (2) What were the methods?

Part 5: For Educators, Citizens and Policymakers TI Torture in Geopolitical Context

While targeted individuals (TIs) were sometimes selected for “slow-kill” torture for rapists, sadists, neurological data theft, non-consensual brain-computer interfaces, covert medical tests or weapons development: some TIs presented threats to the geopolitical agenda of facists reported to be in progress through 2023: to concentrate wealth in a few hundred families with depopulation and enslavement of renters (“you will own nothing”) subjugated with biometric identification, all-digital currency, sedatives in air/food/water (such as fluoride) and full spectrum control. In these operations, censorship has been the tip of a neo-Nazi iceberg.

40. Excerpt: Aaron Russo on wars of aggression and tyranny (4 pages):

41. Excerpt: Dr. John Coleman’s Committee of 300 (5 pages):

42. Excerpt: William Guy Carr’s Pawns in the Game: (3 pages):

43. Excerpt: Ronald Bernard on 100% blackmail (2 pages):

44. Video: from Nazis to NWO with psychotronic enslavement (5 minutes):

45. Video: UN anti-democracy: “a new world order behind closed doors”. This was ~2 hours into a UN-sponsored concert conducted about as obscurely as it could be. Rulers appear to think that after publicly disclosing an intent, however obscurely, the populace consents to it when not responding by legally decapitating them. In case you wondered whether the UN is on board with backroom deals for “a new world order” (1 minute):

46. How would the UN enable a tyrannical regime wherein “you will own nothing” and be subservient to a dictator as planned in the above excerpts from Aaron Russo, Dr. John Coleman’s Committee of 300 and William Guy Carr’s Pawns in the Game? The UN would do it by defenestrating inalienable rights and assuming control of nations after masonic illuminuts posing as honorable politicians, operating in lockstep, incite rebellion by heinous crimes including toxic responses to a falsified pandemic, intentional food and energy constriction, and targeted individual torture tantamount to neo-Nazi war crimes. Two minutes:

47. While masonic illuminuts endeavor to topple nations, gear up a false flag “alien” invasion with “bluebeam” holograms and human-made saucers, depopulate and substantially enslave humanity, they’ve pursued Albert Pike’s masonic plan for three world wars. Solutions for Israel, at the center of masonic plans for WWIII (2 minutes):

Part 6: TI Questionnaire

48. Targeted individuals who haven’t bought into NSA’s religious programming (described in Will Filer’s NSA Mind Control and Psyops) are encouraged to complete the questionnaire in our bylaws for robust testimony and a possible invitation to join one of our forthcoming advisory boards (by downloading the following PDF, filling it in, saving it or printing it to PDF, and emailing it to us as an attachment). This may include opportunities to collaborate with vetted TIs, without interference of perpetrators in public forums. While the questionnaire will be streamlined, it includes essential legal assurance that the targeted individual completing it is not a perpetrator of torture: not a perp.  

49. [Reserved.]

50. Our CEO’s TI (Targeted Individual) Questionnaire is posted for reciprocally fair disclosure, appended by a redacted scan report indicating “higher than expected energy levels” in infrared head scan, several in-body semiconductors, and a B band frequency “only present during the P/N junction scan” for in-body semiconductors by non-linear junction detector. “This UHF band can be used for GPS and Two-Way communication”:

Please note that all material on this webpage is Copyright © 2000–2023 Noam Grunes with all rights reserved, beside the fair use excerpts of others’ material. Where downloads are enabled, files can be downloaded for safekeeping or completion of the TI Questionnaire, not for sale, resale or other distribution — until Noam’s permanent incapacitation, when all material on this webpage can be shared without limitation.